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Sad Update 2/12/2022- We need to do some repairs on the Share Squad board, possibly upgrade to a larger board, so it will not be available for the time being.  We will update this site when it becomes accessible again.

Share Squad.jpg

No need to explain, we're all aware that times are uncertain and are changing daily.
We can never forget that the people who are the hardest affected by the pandemic do not live oceans away, they are our friends and family. In a perfect world, everyone would be able to have everything that they could ever need or want. Since that is not our reality, we at Frosty Falls wanted to take the chance to bring a little light to anyone's day.

We're setting up the Share Squad, an opportunity to pass a small treat on to person who might need a pick-me-up from a not so great...year.
 For a $2 donation, you will be able to give someone their choice of soft serve ice cream in a cake cone or a cup with rainbow jimmies. After you donate, you will have a chance to sign a donation cone if you would like to share.

When you pin it on the board, that treat immediately becomes available for anyone who needs it, no questions asked. We're so happy to be able to host a way for our community to be able to reach out and hug one another even when we need to stay so far apart.

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