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About Us

Hi Frosty Fans!

My name is Laura Houck, my family and I are the proud new owners of Frosty Falls Ice Cream! When we were presented with the opportunity to run FF, it was an honor to be chosen to take over such an important staple to our hometown, Bridgeport Borough! Living and working in Bridgeport is such a experience in itself!   We have so many amazing ideas and additions that we cannot wait to share with you all!


Laura is a 20 year hospitality veteran from Northeast Philadelphia. She began working at just 14 years old at no other place then a Dairy Queen! After spending 4 seasons learning all the ins and outs of ice cream and working closely with the owners, it was time to move into the restaurant world! It was made clear in the matter of weeks that this career path was nothing close to easy, but was exactly what she was designed for. With an overwhelming desire to ensure customer satisfaction mixed with the infectious sense of humor, running the floor as a server was a call to nature and quickly became the focus on her life. After spending almost 10 years working for TGI Fridays, living as a single parent to a small child, no one guessed that she would be meeting her soul mate and leaving the city in less than a year.


Chris is an Upper Merion graduate who has spent almost his entire life living in Bridgeport. His family was always hugely active in local sports, as coaches and players. His late mother was a long time loved employee at the Bridgeport Wawa. Chris has always worked in Lafayette Hill but had recently moved back to Bridgeport with his son when they met Laura. They decided quickly to combine their 2 household into one. A few years later they welcomed the final piece to their puzzle, a son!

It wasn’t until 2014 when Laura was excited to be hired at Taphouse 23 as a server. The almost 3 years spent there gave her the chance to connect closer with the people of Bridgeport and establish herself as a face known around town. It was about the end of her time there that she made the decision to give up waiting tables and move up to a more challenging yet exciting title of General Manager. A year spent getting her feet wet outside of town brought her right back in when she accepted a position at Conshohocken Brewing Company’s Bridgeport Brewpub! In this new leadership role it brought her even closer to the community and with open ears she has been listening to what everyone in town is looking for in food and beyond. The 2 years spent with CBC was the most important in her career so far.
After moving on to a spot out on the Main Line to help broaden more skills and network outside of the borders of our town, COVID put a stop on Laura’s future. For many months there was little to no hope, the path she was working on was going to come to an abrupt and sad halt.


If you know Laura at all, you know her brain never stops turning gears. Frosty Falls was bought by CBC in 2017 and managed by a local townie and friend of Laura’s. The 2020 season for Frosty’s was up in the air until Laura put pen to paper and devised different items, promotions and steps of service to help give FF a successful, safe season during some of the most unsure times we have seen. Needless to say, it was a success! But with success comes A LOT of hard work, dedication and time. All of the things that Laura is looking to give to the right job, the right place heading in the right direction.

Flash Forward to Today!

Our goal is to stay open for 10 months out of the year. Ice Cream always being available, the fall will bring a more appropriate menu with coffee, pastries, cakes and pies. (Did someone say SOUP and MAC AND CHEESE??!?!) As time marches on and as we continue to grow, Frosty Falls will grow with us. We are already cooking up big plans for 2 years from now! If you will all have us, we will be here to stay (frosty).


From our family to yours – thank you for the support, thank you for the confidence and thank you for loving ice cream as much as we do. See you all soon!

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